عن المصرية

To obtain Egyptian citizenship


In just six months, via one of the following methods:
1. By donation:
• Deposit $250,000 USD
As direct revenues to the public treasury of the state and are not returned.

2. By bank deposit:

• Linking a deposit to the Central Bank of Egypt
In the amount of 750,000 US dollars to be refunded after 5 years in Egyptian pounds and without additional financial return (interest).
• Linking a deposit with the Central Bank of Egypt in the amount of one million US dollars to be returned after 3 years in Egyptian pounds.
3. Commercial Investment:
Establishing or participating in an investment project with an amount of no less than 400,000 US dollars, with a participation rate of no less than 40% of the project’s capital.
4. Real estate investment:
• Purchase of real estate owned by the state for an amount of at least 500 thousand dollars.

Steps to obtaining Egyptian citizenship
• Pay a fee of $10,000, which is not refundable.

• Deciding on the application in principle
No later than 3 months.

• Issuance of a temporary residence permit for the applicant.

• Issuance of the final decision at the latest
3 months from the date the requirements are met.

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